Primary Wing

Primary Wing

Vanasthali Public School - NOIDA

While maintaining strong focus on academic excellence,the school prepares students for the future through an emphasis on technology, extra curricular activities & multifarious exposure leading to holistic development,Whileplanning and executing the curriculum the focus is upon:


• Interactive Methodology.

• Inculcating Confidence.

• Building Confidence.

• Life skill Programs.

Primary Wing

Our primary school environment and curriculum are flawlessly designed to suit the requirements of pre-teenagers. Our program adopts a wide range of activities, resources and learning methods to foster a dedication towards education. Our primary school program is designed to be significant, challenging, relevant and engaging.The focus in the Primary classes (I-V) is on collaboration. We encourages active collaborative and inclusive education. Strategies like Think-Pair-Share, talk-in groups and Hotseat are part of the ‘Cooperative Learning’ pedagogy, where children pair and learn, and then teach each other.

The primary school program at Vanasthali Public School is different from others.We believe that every child is unique and must have a stimulating educational environment to help them grow physically, psychologically, emotionally & socially healthy.

This promotes equal participation, collaboration skills and individual accountability in the students. A ‘Blended’pedagogy, allows students to learn at their own peace, time and place. Hence, VPS lets children learn in a safe environment, where they are encouraged to share their ideas and are provided with strategies to understand their strengths and weaknesses.