Senior Wing

Senior Wing

Vanasthali Public School - NOIDA

While maintaining strong focus on academic excellence,the school prepares students for the future through an emphasis on technology, extra curricular activities & multifarious exposure leading to holistic development,Whileplanning and executing the curriculum the focus is upon:

• Innovativeness.

• Interactive Methodology.

• Inculcating Confidence.

• Building Confidence.

• Life skill Programs.

Senior Wing

At Vanasthali Public School, we allow the students, the freedom to choose their learning path. Our rigorous curriculum is respected by the Central Board of Secondary Education, but We give the teachers to avail every opportunity to follow strategies to enable their students shine brightest. The Senior School (Classes IX-XII) curriculum enhances critical thinking skills through observation and self-reflection. We often use the flipped classroom approach, where students watch lecture videos and read relevant material on their own, and use class time to practice applying concepts and working in small groups with the teachers. Assignments are designed based on focusing on problem-solving through analysis, evaluating options and arriving at plausible solutions. It encourages decision making and aims at creating global citizens and leaders of tomorrow. We use experiential learning across the board, where students are immersed in an experience and then reflect on it to develop new skills, attitudes, and ways of thinking. For example, we reinforce mathematical concepts out of context by asking students to use Warli Art to make a picture during art class. We then discuss the use of shapes to revisit what they’ve learned about congruent triangles. This is also an example of Art Integration, which is a methodology heavily encouraged by the CBSE.

We also make sure that each student gets the unique support they need. Remedial classes are conducted for the students who need them for over-coming their deficiency in particular subjects.